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What APTECH does

APTECH NETWORKS is located in Miami, FL, at the City of Doral, we are very High Speed Business Internet Service Provider, Digital telephone Service with Cloud providing businesses with telephone Service and Guaranteed Bandwidth Internet services in the South Florida Area. .


APTECH an Internet services provider for the small to high-sized business in the South Florida market. Since then, we have continued to be a leader in the Telephone and internet Industry. APTECH, a small business owned internet provider was founded with the idea that every company, regardless of their size, should have the opportunity to own the latest technology in feature-rich and economically-priced VoIP and Internet wireless fiber technology. APTECH's headquarters is in Doral, Florida, where all of our sales, marketing, executive development and IT takes place. We also can provide with international long distance calls in any country, where our team, product design and solution development occurs. Throughout the company, we employ IT, administrative and marketing professionals, with sales and support presence customers across South Florida. Our employees are truly our greatest asset. You may be wondering, "Why 'APTECH'? What does it mean?". The story begins in the year 2000 with our founder searching for a company name similar to the word "apogee," which means "the farthest or highest point." It was through the meaning of this word that the name, "APTECH," was finally developed. Today, we continue to strive for the "highest point," by providing your business with the most innovative Telephone and internet solutions in the industry.

Our services

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    APTECH provides dedicated Internet circuits and shared best effort connections for a very competitive price and business.

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    Telephone Services

    With our Unlimited calling Plan you can call to all Continental U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and with our Low International Platinum Rates call anywhere. We also provide Numbers from most Latin American countries.

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    Backup Internet

    it is crucial that your M2M (Machine-to-Machine) network have a constant and reliable high-speed Internet connection. No-Wire-Access offers high-speed wireless backup failover and primary Internet connection solutions for your business.

Some of Our Projects


Wi-Fi Connection

Another service for entertainment parks and open area with Wi-Fi access services.


Yachts Internet Service

Our new internet availability for any size yachts, boats or vessel available now.


Marinas Broadband Services

A service for marinas to access the internet, now with more bandwidth available too.


High Raised Building

Building of any size can enjoy with a fast and reliable internet to condo association.

Our technology & infrastructure

Cisco, DELL, HP, Supermicro and VMware Cloud

APTECH's State of the Art Datacenter Hardware & Software provides Business Internet, and telephone Services, secure dedicated and cloud computing solutions. We initiate operations in 2007 and since then we are serving many customers of all sizes. APTECH integrates the industry’s best technologies for each customer’s specific needs and delivers it as a service via our commitment to excellence.

Call us at (305) 477-2824 anytime to give you more details about our services.
Office address: 8180 NW 36 Street, Suite 110, Doral Florida 33166

Best Internet solutions, join us!!

Wireless Bandwidth

We are experts building and maintaining business internet solutions. All of APTECH internet services include security and reliability for our customers. All our internet solutions are secured at our Data Centers with redundant power, and lightning fast internet fiber connections.